Birth Control & What I Wasn’t Told…


**Please note that I am a Christian & a firm believer that if you are not married you should ABSTAIN from sex until married!!!**

This is a sensitive subject, I’m aware. I know that some people are for birth control and I know that others aren’t. My thought on that is to each is own. It’s not my place to tell you that you should or shouldn’t take birth control. However, as someone who has experienced the deceit about birth control first hand I feel like it’s something that needs to be discussed and this is my story.

It’s been a little over 1 year since I’ve had the Mirena IUD removed. 6 years ago when I had implanted the thought of not having a period was very appealing to me because mine were so harsh. Like heavy & the cramps, oh the cramps!! However, I was unaware and uniformed of the after effects the Mirena IUD could cause me later on since I had never had a child before and the nurses and doctor that I spoke with and all the information given to be regarding the Mirena did not tell me either.

My husband and I have been married since October and recently discussed trying to have a baby. We’re in no rush but I went to the doctor to get checked out since I hadn’t been having a regular period, thinking maybe I was already pregnant. All to come and find out that I’m not ovulating, why? Because my body has not recovered from the IUD that was removed over a year ago. Come to find out, it’s something that happens. What? Why was I not informed of that BEFORE I had it implanted? The only *caution* that I was told of was that it could potentially go through the uterus walls, cause pain and have to be removed or that my body could reject it and then have to be removed. Nothing about my body not being able to hormonally recover from it. As a matter of fact the pamphlet that I was given stated that “as soon as it is removed pregnancy is possible within 5 months.” Lies. Or well, half-truths.

The Mirena IUD is marketed to be 99.9% effective, worry free (since it’s implanted in your body you don’t have to remember to take a pill every day) and it last for 5 years. That was all that the doctor told me when I was inquiring about it, just then did she say that during the first few months it could possibly go through the uterine walls and have to be removed but we would know by the first check up if that was going to happen or not. She also told me that it would cause my periods to be non consistent and most likely to stop all together. Not once in our discussion about it did she say that after it being taken out I wouldn’t be able to recover from it or there was a potential risk or anything like that. She said within four-five months of it being removed I would be able to get pregnant. I know that every woman’s body is different but I’m not the only person that I know that is having a hard time recovering hormonally after having a birth control such as the IUD, Depo provera or others alike. I just feel like these are things that the doctor should be telling patients because it effects them. Even if the chance of something like this happening are 1 in 1 million there’s still a chance and it’s something the patient should be informed of.

I’m now turned completely against birth control. Just because now I’m in a place where I understand periods are something that I’m suppose to have as a woman. I’m suppose to ovulate and all that so anything that I put in my body that causes any of that to stop is not natural. Not to mention all the other things that birth control can do to your body like weight gain, blood clots, and more. But again, that’s just me! In no way am I trying to sway you one or the other by this blog post, I just don’t want anyone to go through what I’m going through just because you’re misinformed or not informed of ALL the facts regarding the birth control of your choice!

Just a few points of advice:

  1. Do your own research! Go to the doctor, get your options and their professional opinions but DO NOT make a decision based on their information alone. When I went to get the options I had for birth control at the time they said that the Mirena was exactly what would help me that not even the pill form would help lighten my period. However, my (new) regular doctor & (new) OBGYN have BOTH told me that I had no business being offered, much less given the Mirena due to the way it can affect your body and hormones if you haven’t had a child before. My OBGYN said that the Mirena IUD is ideal for women who have just had a child because their hormones are all over the place and it can help balance them, but the level of hormones the Mirena releases into your body is not meant for a woman who has never had a child.
  2. Don’t get something because you feel pressured. Don’t get or start a form of birth control without being comfortable with it. The last time I went to my previous doctor (the same one that gave me the Mirena IUD) I felt judged for turning down their offer for birth control. Like it was “wrong” that my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. And I’m not the only one that I know that’s felt pressured to get some form of birth control when offered by their doctor. There is nothing wrong with not wanting birth control or wanting to weigh out your options before comitting. Don’t let them convince you differently.
  3. Be aware of the long-term effects. This goes back to doing your own research. I mean read the fine print on EVERYTHING! When I got the Mirena IUD I was excited for the possibility of not having a period for 5 years, now that my husband and I are wanting to try to have a baby and my body is all jacked up I regret not knowing the “bigger picture” facts. If I would have known then that it could affect me in the ways it has now then I wouldn’t have got it, not only is effecting me and my body it is effecting the want my husband and I have to start a family. (Now, I’m not saying if I wouldn’t have had the Mirena IUD that us getting pregnant would be easy, but this is stress I wish we could have bypassed).

& my final tip of advice….Love your body enough to do research on the things you’ll be putting into it! ♥