Soul Stitches & Our Mission.


A little over a year ago I found myself unemployed after a misunderstanding (on my bosses part more so than mine, honestly). After 3 years with the same company I was sitting on the couch at home with my laptop searching for jobs. I even got so desperate I applied at retail stores in the mall. I was set to get married in less than a year & our “wedding fund” was slowly being drained by bills. I still lived with my parents and their house had never been cleaner & I had gotten a head start on spring cleaning/pre wedding move declutter in my room but I was out of work and felt useless not being able to find something. I needed a hobby. So my fiance took me to Wal-Mart bought me 2 cheap rolls of yarn & a “how to” book & video on crochet with 4 different size hooks. My mom knew how to crochet and with her help and the video & book I learned to crochet. I immediately fell in love with it because it gave me something to do. Working on a project helped me keep my mind right that God would eventually answer prayers and I’d find work.

A year later I’m working full-time as an office manager and I have a business where I sell my handmade crocheted items. (beanies, scarves, blankets, etc.) And I love it. When talking to my fiance (now husband) about wanting to start-up a little side business to sell my items I picked the name Soul Stitches because crocheting is something that comes from my soul, my love for it, my love to share it with other people, it’s all from my soul. It genuinely thrills my soul to hand make something for someone and know that it’s a one of a kind piece and stitch by stitch it was made just for them. On my business cards is my favorite verse, Proverbs 31:25, “Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.” Matt picked that for the back of the business card because of what I went through to get to where I am. I felt weak being out of work and unhappy. But crochet gave me an outlet for those bad feelings and now here I am. 🙂

When we started Soul Stitches it was because we needed the little bit of extra money to put back in savings in case something happened to one of the cars or the dogs or something. That was at the first of January this year. Now, at the beginning of February and we’ve had more orders/success than we imagined with the start-up of our little business and with the good Lord’s blessings we’re in a sound financial situation to where we honestly don’t need the money we get from Soul Stitches like we did when we first started it. It’s an amazing feeling. 🙂

My reason for telling you that is to tell you this, a few months ago our Pastor brought up to our church a town in Africa called Mozambique, it’s just outside of Malawi where we currently support a missionaries ministry. Mozambique is where God has laid on our Pastor’s heart to reach out to next. They have contacts in Malawi who have been given land and they are in the starting process of a church  building. When my Pastor and his family go in June they will have to hike into the village they are going into and tent camp because there’s really nowhere for them to stay. My Pastor wants to start a spiritual fire in Mozambique, my husband and I…we want to be a match that helps the fire burn!

For weeks now we’ve talked about how to be apart of it, we don’t feel like God has called us to be missionaries, but we both have a heart for missions and we want to help. And we have decided to use Soul Stitches to support the Mozambique ministry rather than keeping the profit for ourselves. We have prayed about it and talked about it and feel that’s what God would have us do and after talking to our Pastor yesterday we’ve confirmed our plan.

So going forward, when we sell something, we will take out the money to replace the yarn that made it and the rest of the money will go to the Mozambique ministry, we will keep none for profit. I cannot put into words how excited I am that God has allowed us to do this and I’m excited to see the work that God will do in Mozambique!

If you are interested in Soul Stitches please find us on Facebook, & please pray for us as we continue on this journey!


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