Unborn Lives Matter.

My feed is full of all kinds of opinions these days. Trump Haters. Trump Supporters. Women for the women’s march. Women against the women’s march. Black Lives matter. All Lives matter…in all the diversity I’m sitting here wondering, where is the outrage for the unborn lives?
1,058,490 is the number of abortions in the USA from 2013-2015, (& that’s from the CDC’s website). 1,058,490 lives that were just ended without a chance to be great. Without a chance to see the world, without a chance to be loved. 1,058,490 lives in 2 years. One of those 1,058,490 could have been the one to cure cancer. One of those 1,058,490 could have been the one to end world hunger, and so forth. But because the biological mother was selfish, we’ll never know exactly what God had in store for that unborn life that was murdered before given a chance to live outside the womb.
the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.
kill (someone) unlawfully and with premeditation.
The definition of murder is as stated above. Unlawful & premeditated. My only question is, why is it that abortion and murders definition is not the same? When you plan to have an abortion you are literally planning to kill your unborn child. To me that’s as unlawful & premeditated as it gets. An unborn child is defenseless.
Some people will argue that a baby in the womb is not a life yet so it’s not murder, my question to those people, if a baby in the womb is not a life then why when a pregnant woman is murdered is the suspect charged with two counts of murder rather than just the one?
A baby in the womb is most definitely a life. Separate from the woman carrying it. It’s a living, breathing, moving, heart beating, LIFE. It’s not a choice. You CHOOSE to partake in the act of sexual intercourse and you CHOOSE not to use any form of birth control so if you end up getting pregnant you should NOT have the choice to choose a “get out of adult responsibilities free card” by having an abortion.
“So if the child is wanted by its biological mother she should be forced to keep her anyways?”–No, absolutely not & she would not be forced to keep the child if the “option” of abortion was taken out of existence. She would have the option of adoption. There are tons of husband & wives in the world that would LOVE to have a child and have more than enough love to give a child but they are unable to conceive a child of their own that would LOVE to adopt that “unwanted” child and love it as their own.
What if the woman is raped? I understand the emotional & physical self battle of being raped. I understand the disgust you feel after the fact and the possibility of carrying a monster’s child inside of you would make it a million times worth. But at the same time-the baby, yes even the unborn baby, is not at fault. It should not have to pay for the actions of their biological parents no more than born children should. It should have a chance to be a blessing to the world. 
What if it’s a life or death situation? I’m still for the fact that both lives matter. Both lives are equally important. My husband and I are currently watching a show where the girl is pregnant and has TB. Her medication for the TB is causing complications with the pregnancy and her fiance brought up the idea of aborting the pregnancy, she was 100% against it due to her religious beliefs but his argument was he didn’t want to jeopardize her life. My opinion, aborting the pregnancy for not wanting to jeopardize the woman’s life is saying that you don’t trust God to take care of the mother and the baby. If God didn’t want the baby to be born the baby wouldn’t be born. There’s always a blessing in the struggle.
No, I am not a mother. However, I watch my friends, my sister and the people around me with their kids and I long for that one day. I’ve also watched my friends carry the heartbreak of miscarriages and not being able to conceive a child that their heart longs for. So for me to be close to those situations and know that there are women out here who are fighting for the right to kill their unborn & unwanted children makes me sick at my stomach in the worst way because I know women who pray for the right to have a child.
And why women are out here fighting for the right to kill a defenseless child is beyond me. I’m all for having rights as a woman but murder shouldn’t be one of them. And nothing/no one will ever change my view on that. I am pro-life and proud & I will fight for the unborn child’s rights for as long as I breathe.