This, That & Everything In Between.

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for the past 2 months because there was so much going on inside my head that I wasn’t sure how to blog about just ONE thing so today, as I sit here with nothing to do at work I decided to blog about it all. I’ll try & keep it short & sweet but then again, blogs can be long.

Holy crap I’m getting married!!! In 29 days I will walk down the aisle to Matt, we’ll exchange vows & we will be married! While I’m excited about the process of actually getting married, the wedding, the dress, seeing Matt dressed up, being surrounded by our friends & family, what I am MOST excited for is BEING married! I’m ready to be Matt’s wife! We’ve been together for a little over 2 years, engaged for 1 year & 6 months & it’s been a great journey but I’m ready for the next step. Being married, spending time together learning how we are together in the same house, sharing space. During our last premarital counseling session our Preacher asked if we had everything ready as far as the wedding went and if we were excited, my response was that I was ready for it to be here already & be married. He said that was a good thing because a lot of couples are ready to GET married, as in they’re ready to play dress up & have a party, but they’re unprepared to BE married & have the duties of husband & wife. He said my answer let him know that I was ready to be married.

Stanford rapist is out of jail after 3 months…THREE MONTHS!!!!? THAT’S IT!!!!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I am so disgusted by this it’s hard to find the words to explain my feelings. That sorry slap on the wrist of a punishment is why more victims of rape don’t come forward! The victim was already traumatized by the crime, then had to relive in through someone else’s memory because she was drunk when it happened, then scum bags dad bashes her & calls her “20 minutes of action” and her justice is 3 months? 3 months!??? Come on! That’s not justice that’s a joke! Just because she was drunk doesn’t mean she deserved it or asked for it! That’s a sorry excuse for perverts to get away with crap & the people that let them off with such lack of punishment are just as disgusting!

My Exes now Ex-Fiancé stalks me on Instagram…it started about 6 months ago when she was working at Bojangles, she recognized me, how I have no idea but she knew who I was & started talking about her (then) relationship with my ex & how she thought that we would be great friends if the circumstances were different. Well then I got a follow request from her on IG, I denied it the first 3 times & then I decided I would just let her follow me because it’s just IG & well I have no shame in the fact that Matt & I are blissfully happy. Well then she started DM’ing me about some of the stuff she thought I had that belonged to my ex. Now, if you know any back history of me & my ex then you know when we broke up he broke about $200 worth of DVD’s of mine that I had left at his house, so needless to say I wasn’t too keen on giving him back anything of his & anything I had went to Goodwill a long time ago. She mentioned a hoodie, I told her that I no longer had it & well that was that for about a month. Well about a month later she DM’d me again & said that they had broken up & she wasn’t concerned about the stuff I had that belonged to him. I told her (again) I didn’t have anything & I thought it was best that she didn’t contact me anymore. She acted like I had hurt her feelings by not caring about her and why they broke up. Um, sorry but not sorry. He’s my EX! The reason(s) we broke up can make a list a mile long & I’m getting married to another guy, I don’t want to be friends with her. In my opinion, it’s weird! I’m sure she’s a nice girl and all that but seriously, even now that they are broken up she’s not really friend material in my eyes.

I am totally freaking out about having to pack up my room…Matt & I are getting married in 29 days & the only things that I have packed up are my books (3 boxes exactly) & my DVD’s. I have a lot more stuff that needs to be packed but every time I start to think about it I get overwhelmed & find something else to distract me. I know it has to be done but I feel my anxiety kick in to overdrive when I stand at the door to my room & think about packing & where to start. I’ve moved once in my life (that I can remember) & I was like 9 so of course my parents did a majority of the packing. I know it needs to get done & usually I’m a step ahead of everything but with this I’m like pushing it til last-minute & then I can see myself going into freak out mode like “Oh crap! This has to get done today!” Which will be fine too. (maybe, haha)

Colin Kaepernick…He started out with sitting when the National Anthem played, now he’s taken his stance to kneeling because he doesn’t want to be disrespectful to the flag and seem as if he is “Anti-America” I can respect that he’s back pedaled to look like less of a disrespectful moron but seriously, it is 2016, I understand racism still exists (trust me, with being an aunt of 3 biracial children, I’ve experienced it) but at the same time, black people are not oppressed. There are women and men of all races out of work & living in project housing. Heck there are people living in project housing that work but choose to live in project housing because it’s cheaper. Then there are people who don’t live in project housing but are struggling to make ends meet. It’s not just black people who are struggling, it’s pretty much everyone whose not a celebrity. Yes of course, some have it worse off then others but spreading the hatred and the division doesn’t make the circumstance any better. Not all white people are racist, not all black people are thugs, not all Mexicans are illegal immigrants & not all cops are bad. But if you judge a person by the color of their skin you are disgusting! If you assume that just because a person is wearing that uniform and shield that they are corrupt and trigger happy then you are ignorant! There are good people out there, but if we all keep letting mainstream media fill us with hatred then things will never change. The worst thing is to see these superstar rich & famous people complaining about things that are going on around the world but not doing anything to help it. Like ok, I read an article that Kaepernick thinks that veterans aren’t treated right, other than using his words what does he plan to do to change that? He makes millions of dollars a year, he wants better living circumstances for predominantly black communities, other than his words what is doing to the change that? That’s why the commercials for homeless animals get on my nerves so bad because they put these actors and actresses on their begging people who can barely afford their cable bill for money. How much is that company paying you for that commercial, better yet, HOW MUCH OF YOUR SALARY ARE YOU GIVING TO THE CAUSE? So Colin Kaepernick, while I recognize your right to freedom of speech and to stand or not stand during the national anthem and I respect that all the while thinking you’re a moron, PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS & DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT MR. 19 MILLION A YEAR! WHICH LESS FORTUNATE COMMUNITY ARE DONATING MONEY TO HELP BETTER THE LIVING SITUATION YOU’RE SO DISGUSTED WITH?

I’m obsessed and slightly addicted to all things pumpkin…it’s no secret that I am a lover of Fall. It is my season. Cool crisp air, cute boots, scarfs and of course…PUMPKIN! Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, all that, except pumpkin pie, not a fan. Dunkin Donuts is my coffee place of choice rather than Starbucks, simply because of price. I can go to Starbucks & pay $5 for the size I can go to Dunkin & pay $2 for. I just like that option better. & some people have said that it’s “too early” to be enjoying anything pumpkin but those people are crazy (in my opinion) because ya see, pumpkin stuff like pumpkin spice lattes are a season thing so as soon as they start being sold, I start buying because I know I have a limited time to enjoy them before Christmas flavors come out. So, don’t judge me for being a lover of all things pumpkin & I won’t judge you for being a hater! LOL!