Still Blessed

So this week has been an unusual rough week for I haven’t had a week like this week in a LONG time. My nephew, who is 12, was called the “N word” at school & things haven’t been so smooth at my job, so needless to say I feel like I’m drowning in negativity & just all around bad stuff. The worst part is..I let it effect me..bad! If you know me usually I’m upbeat, happy go lucky, rainbows & sunshine ok? But this week my attitude was in the slumps so bad my fiance, who never has anything bad to say about me, called me out on it.😮 Even worse, I didn’t know how to pull myself out of it, like I was oblivious to the fact that I had let the negatives around me bring me down. & it didn’t hit me until tonight at our revival service @ church exactly what I had done..I had let the devil make me feel defeated. I had let the devil steal my joy through the situation with my nephew at his school & my situation at work. & all the sudden I thought, “God, I’m sorry.” because I have been selfish this week. I put myself and my circumstances first. I put ME on the throne & let my light for the Lord dim out & that’s not how a Christian should live..that’s not how I want to live!

Isaiah 41:10 says, “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for Iam thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”…this week I let the negatives blind me of who my Father is & all I had to do was call on Him to either calm the storm or strengthen me while the storm raged. I forgot that He is the master of the sea..I forgot He is ALWAYS with me. I let the negatives break me. I lived in fear and stress that my nephew was going to be broken by his situation, I lived in fear & stress that my work situation was never going to get better.

But it hit me during a song the group that sang tonight was singing..”There’s never a day He doesn’t give me all I need,
And when I wake up to the storm, my soul cries peace. Sometimes I try to count them, they’re too many I confess.
So with arms upraised I just say “still blessed.” The words in that chorus have never been more true because there is never a day He doesn’t give me all I need & even in the midst of the worst storms I know He is with me, even if I slip & panic it’s not worth the stress because He is there..all I have to do is remind myself of that. I am a child of the King. He is a friend like no other & He has a plan for me & everything that comes my way is for a purpose I just have to trust Him. & tonight I let Him have it..everything that I’ve carried around all week because He will take care of me..I said it tonight, yes this week has been a rough week & I’ve never felt so bullied but I’ve also never felt so loved on by God! So no matter what comes, bad days, stress filled moments,  I will hold my head up & smile because I am still blessed. Blessed beyond measures!


“I have a dream..”

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red & yellow, black & white they are precious in His site..Jesus loves the children of the world.”

That song holds so much meaning to me as I look at the picture of the 3 beautiful biracial children that call me “aunt”. They hold so much space in my heart & I have so much love for them I don’t understand how I can physically contain it. They are beautifully crafted by the Creator and He makes no mistakes so why do people have an issue with their skin color?

There are people getting away with murder, rape, theft & many more crimes & people wanting pass laws that allow a man or woman (who could possibly be perverts) who “feels like a woman” or “feels like a man” use the women’s restroom with little girls & boys but we’ve got people worried about the color of someone’s skin?! Really world?!

In 1963, more than 200,000 Americans gathered in Washington, D.C., for a political rally known as the “March on Washington” for Jobs and Freedom. The event was designed to shed light on the political and social challenges African Americans continued to face across the country. The march, which became a key moment in the growing struggle for civil rights in the United States, culminated in Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, a spirited call for racial justice and equality. OVER 50 YEARS LATER & WE ARE STILL FIGHTING THIS SAME FIGHT!! We’ve got a black president (nevermind the fact that I’m not a fan of him), we’re putting black people in government offices, we’re putting black historical icons on currency…they’ve got rights just like white people but my 12 year old nephew can’t walk down the halls of school without being bullied by a white kid because he’s black?! WHY ARE PARENTS TEACHING KIDS THIS TYPE OF HATRED IS OK!? I never like to pull the race card, ever! I don’t like to hear white people say that “if they were black they could do this” or “if they were Mexican they could do this” or black people say “if I was white I could do this”..I loathe it. But at this point, after something like this happening again & the higher above person in charge not doing their job to defend my nephew I can’t help but wonder, if the script were flipped, if my nephew was bullying the white boy for being white (which it happens, I’ve seen other kids do it) would they react as they do now? Or would their actions be different? I can’t help but question that.

My nephew was given out of school suspension for shoving a white kid who called him the “N word” (not the 1st time he had called him that, Darien had finally decided he’d had enough). I’ll say that again, my nephew was given out of school suspension for defedning himself against a bully who was bullying him because he’s black. The bullies punishment? Yet to be determined because the principal has to “investigate”, but there was no lengthy investigation into my nephew’s punishment for defending himself because he made it physical. I’m sorry but whoever came up with the phrase “sticks & stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” was a FOOL! WORDS DO HURT! & after a while you either shut the person up or kids are going home & killing themselves so they don’t have to hear it anymore! That is where the school system has failed! The school system fails bullied kids daily! And they have failed my nephew! You know who won’t fail him? His mom. Me. His grandparents. His family. He has a right to an education without being bullied just like anyone else & we will fight for that right. This is only the beginning.


It’s not a religion.

It’s a relationship. Jesus Christ is as real today as He was 100 years ago. Have I ever met Him face to face? No. But in my heart I know He’s real, not just because I can personally feel His presence in my life but I can see His handy work around me daily, in the trees, the birds, the flowers, everywhere. In Proverbs, chapter 3, verses 5 & 6, it says “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” To me that means that regardless of what people say is “logical” or regardless of what others try to tell me about my faith, not to focus on that but to TRUST HIM.

In 2016 it is hard to be a Christian who stands on the word because you have so many people attacking you with their opinions/beliefs and so many people who misconstrue who you are as a person based on the fact that you say you’re a Christian. Me personally, I have had many people tell me that “all Christians are hate filled and judgemental”. That’s not true, me personally, I hate no one because in John chapter 13, verse 34 Jesus says that we are to love one another as He has loved us. Jesus loved me so much He died for me. Do I hate you because you have a different opinion than me? No. Is it ok for someone who bears the label “Christian” to hate someone in name of their faith? No. Because that’s not what Jesus was about. Jesus hated no one. He loved everyone. Even when they nailed Him to a cross to die He didn’t hate anyone, in fact He asked His father to forgive them saying they didn’t know what they were doing. So to me, a Christian should illuminate love just as Jesus illuminated love. Jesus was about love..hatred is the opposite of love. If you have hatred in your heart you need to get right. & I’m sure someone, somewhere reading this just said that’s judgemental, but it’s not. In Matthew chapter 5 verse 44 it tells us, But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”. LOVE YOUR ENEMIES! That’s anyone who has ever wronged you, anyone who doesn’t believe the way you do, the sinner, the saint, the drunk, the homosexual, EVERYONE. Jesus loves everyone, you are made in His image and you are to live like Christ and that is being filled with LOVE. Do you have to agree with someone to love them? No. Do you have to live like their lifestyle to love them? No. You can be who you are and love everyone just as Jesus did. (& not only are you suppose to love them but you’re suppose to PRAY for them!)

But is everyone going to love you? No, probably not. Because the truth is, not everyone will agree that you should love everyone (those are usually the people who do not believe like you). There will be people that hate you because of your faith and that’s fine because there were people who hated Jesus because of who He was but He died for their sins anyways, He loved them anyways. But if you’re like me, that’s a hard pill to swallow. I will admit that I like to be liked. I don’t like for anyone to have hard feelings against me for anything. But, unfortunately, everyone doesn’t like me. I’ve had to accept that, but it’s worth it to me, it’s worth it to stand firm on my beliefs and be the person Jesus wants me to be rather than compromise my beliefs and be the person the world wants me to be because Jesus died for me & to me pleasing Jesus is more important than pleasing an old classmate from high school (which I’ve been out of since 2007), pleasing Jesus means more to me then “fitting in with the cool kids”, I mean really? I’m pushing 30 can you even be considered a “cool kid” at this point? Pleasing Jesus is my main goal every day. Is it easy? No. But He never promised it would be. There’s a song by the Carr Family (or at least that’s the version I know) it’s called, “I’ll Take the Old Highway”, in the second verse the girl sings, “Our highway may look to worldly men like it’s a road to a bitter end for we are promised tribulation all along, the difference is easy to explain for we have everything to gain, so just count me in the number going home.” & THAT is why it’s worth it! My relationship with Jesus is worth it because one day I’ll be at home with Him. So for now, I’ll pass through this world of tribulation in the valley but one day I’ll gain Heaven with Jesus, my Lord and savior!

Some days will be harder than others and you’ll want to quit, but Jesus didn’t quit on us. He walked up Calvary’s hill and He took the nails so that we could be forgiven of our sins. Think of Jesus and you’ll find that standing on what you believe will get easier. John 14: 15 says, “If ye love me keep my commandments.” My response to that is whatever it takes, no matter the tribulations, no matter who turns their back on me…I will walk with Jesus. I will love Jesus. I will live for Jesus. Today, tomorrow and every day for the rest of my life, Jesus is my King.